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Best WordPress Real Estate CRM for 2021: Integrate property search to Facebook + SEO & Lead Capture!

Dec 23, 2020Agent and Brokers

We’re thrilled to present our new WordPress real estate crm for 2021.  See below and click on the image to view an example of Optima Express in action.

wordpress real estate crm

WordPress Real Estate CRM = Great SEO

Our WordPress real estate crm delivers the powerful features of the MLS directly on your WordPress website.  e-Man makes sure all listing data and pages in your account are indexed by search engines and WordPress is also designed for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The combination of WordPress and Optima Express will provide you with a website with IDX that search engines will love.

Easy to Install and Configure

With the Optima Express plugin, you’ll have great property search and lead capture on your WordPress site in no time.  For details on how to install, activate, and register your plugin, book here.

Elegant Interface & Gorgeous Property Photos

A picture is worth a thousand words, and the photos in Optima Express say it all.  A simple and elegant interface with beautiful photos is what you’ll find with e-Man’s IDX.

wordpress real estate crm

Quick search & Property Gallery widgets

Website visitors will love how easy it is to find the information they’re looking for with features like Quick search & Property Gallery widgets.

Wordpress real estate crm 2021Wordpress real estate crm for 2021

Facebook & Twitter Integration for Our WordPress Real Estate CRM

With a click of the Share button, website visitors or realtors themselves can share property details on social media networks. Sharing of listings on social media accounts also provides valuable back links to your site which benefits your SEO.

We’re very excited to announce our new Facebook App which lets e-Man’s clients add a Property Search option to their Facebook business page.

wordpress real estate crm 2021

After completing the search form, visitors are brought to your website to view search results and listing details within your Optima IDX account.

The Facebook app is a free addition and is now available for our real estate agents . Please note the Facebook app is only able to integrate with our real estate solutions as long as you have 2000 followers on your Facebook business page. If in case, you don’t have 2000 followers on your Facebook business page don’t worry. Here at e-Man we offer social media solutions to help grow your following and engagement so we can successfully integrate a property search feature to your Facebook page and turn your primary social media accounts to grow your business like never before.

For more information on our social media features please view our social media services page.

How to add property search feature to your Facebook Business Page:

  1. Login into your Control Panel where you will see an announcement of this new feature.
  2. Click on the Get Started button.
  3. You’ll be prompted to login to your Facebook account.
  4. Select the page where you’d like the link to property search to appear.
  5. Confirm your selection.

Your property search link will now appear on your Facebook business page!

As always, if you are if you are a current client or reseller and have technical questions, contact us  If you would like to speak with a representative of our company, please schedule a free 30 minute conference with us here.

 Mobile MLS Search

With the WordPress real estate crm services offered at e-Man Worldwide, you’ll get a Mobile MLS Search site.  It looks and feels like an app but works right away on mobile devices with a browser. We have hand tested all our applications to ensure that the user experience for tablet and mobile devices of all size dimensions will be optimized and provide a healthy experience to your website visitors.

Optima Express Mobile Site
Email Alerts

Email Alerts are a great way of staying connected to your prospects and delivering value to them.  Each time a property that matches their saved search criteria comes to market, they’ll receive an email with your name and brand giving them the information they want and need.


Lead Capture, Management & Reporting

Prominent lead capture and effective lead management can be found throughout e-Man’s WordPress real estate crm.  The Control Panel offers a variety of helpful reports which will help you determine how effective your online marketing efforts have been.



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