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White Label Design


Do you want to expand the number of projects you and your team can take on? Maybe you’re a marketer that needs converting landing pages without having to learn web design to have successful campaigns. Look no further here at E-MAN we specialize in white-labeling landing pages and websites to companies such as yourself.

Need A Full Website?

This is perfect for web design agencies looking to expand the number of projects they undertake. This solution provides affordable rates for WordPress solutions that will guarantee satisfaction for your clients and all of our white-label partners.

No Long Term Contracts

Work on projects on a term by term basis for every website you would like for us to create.

Choose your Platform

Choose between having client websites developed through WordPress or Shopify.

Need Landing Pages?

Best for Digital marketers who are in search of converting landing pages for their marketing campaigns. This would include Search Engine Marketers looking for landing pages integrated with Google AMP and social media marketers in need of landing pages or sales pages for their CTA’s.

Fast & Easy Work

Get your landing page(s) designed within a 7-day period.

GET Results

Get results from custom landing pages that will convert and get you more sales.

Platforms We Use

Here’s a comprehensive list of cms platforms and tools used to build our white label pages. If you fit under any of these categories we would  love to partner.

Agencies Using elementor

WordPress solutions are offered for agencies primarily using Elementor.

Divi builder & divi theme

WordPress solution for agencies that primarily use the Divi Theme and Divi page builder.

Agencies using brizy

WordPress solution for agencies that primarily use the Brizy page builder.

Squarespace solutions

Great option for agencies that use Squarespace as their preferred tool for web design.


Great solution for agencies that primarily develop e-com stores using Shopify.


Did we miss one?

Is there another tool your agency uses to build websites? Please feel free to reach out so we can chat.



There’s more than one way to skin a cat when talking about the preferred ways for us to manage or co-manage our white label projects. Trust me we skinned a lot of cats. All jokes aside, we’ve managed project in a numerous of ways which would include working directly with your clients on your behalf, working within your project management system and or working with you directly.

Mobile Friendly Projects

As always, all projects designed will come at no additional cost in order to be mobile responsive. Landing pages and full websites will come with speedy development as all of our projects are built on platforms that we use day in and day out.

Be on the lookout for our official blog.

Get ready for it! Here in our blog we’ll cover a bunch of topics but white labeling projects will be one of them. Get all the spicy details that covers the ins and outs of white label that includes the best way to project manage and scale and grow your services.

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Steps To Success
Process & Workflow.

This process was designed to give you the best user experience imaginable. From the moment you decide to move forward with E-MAN we will take you through these very simple steps that will guide you through your web design journey.

The foundation to having a good website is having a reliable hosting provider. Having competitive uptime, speed, and transparent pricing will separate your website performance from your competitors. Check out our most recommended hosting provider below.

Project Research

Do you have an inspiration site? Let’s look at some examples of other web design projects that inspires you.

Video Walk-Throughs

Page by page, detail by detail, we keep you happily engaged through the design process. Never be left in the dark again.

Review Sessions

As each page is designed we can have online meetings with you and your team to discuss the look of your site until your satisfied.


It’s time for the world to see your masterpiece! Share with family and friends. Begin to watch on as you take the world by storm.

Let’s Work Together

Your path to a greater future is just ahead and building your professional website with E-MAN is the one way express ticket that will get you there faster.


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