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Squarespace Services

Why Squarespace?

There are a lot of web builder platforms and many of them have their strengths and weaknesses. Besides Squarespace, the most popular platforms would include Wix, Webflow, Duda, Weebly, and much more. Although competition is steep, Squarespace has gained popularity amongst many businesses due to its easy to learn infrastructure and high-quality templates offered. The process of installing a marketing pixel, or “cookies” notifications to your web builder has never been easier as Squarespace was designed for the everyday individual to create a website. But with all this said, creativity, development knowledge, and most of all, “TIME” is more necessary than ever before to create a coherent and user-friendly website. Go one step further than your competition to ensure that you dominate your industry. Hire E-MAN today!

Squarespace Development

Best for business owners or inspiring entrepeuners looking for a website to offer their product or service using Squarespace as their preffered platform.

Single page

Are you in search of a single page design? Maybe you are in need of a landing or cover page. This is the best solution for you.

Squarespace Design Strategy

1. Wire frame of your Squarespace project.

2. Granted admin access to overview your site.

3. Custom templates and Brine template design.

4. Content provided via UnSplash integration with Squarespace.

5. Custom graphic design using Figma or Adobe XD

squarespace redesign

Best for those who have Squarespace sites that may need optimization or redesign.

Squarespace maintenance

Get support for your Squarespace website on a monthly basis. Manually update content, debug code to ensure your website functionality is smooth.

Squarespace SEO

Unique service for Squarespace site that involves boosting the organic relevance of your website to Google.

This Is achieved through:

1. Tiered-link building.

2. Keyword research.

3. Monthly blogging.

4. Pixel installation


Describe the parameters of your project and what it is you are looking for.


Be apart of the design process like never before with our integrative work flow process.


Overview drafts as each page is designed. Give feedback and watch your feedback manifest.


Publish your Squarespace site and watch your business grow.

Template Selection

Work Flow 01: Website Package

Select from a wide variety of templates either from Squarespace 7.1 or 7.0 and begin to build a website that’s suitable for your industry.

Recommended Industries

  • Photography.
  • Bloggers.
  • Arts and Creatives.
  • Restaurants.
  • General Profile Sites.
  • Events.

Multi-device compatibility

Translates Well On All Devices

Squarespace has built in functionality to resize websites to fit on all device screen sizes. Below will have a comprehensive list of squarespace 7.0 templates that translate very well on mobile.

  • Brine Template.
  • Bedford Template.
  • Hayden Template.
  • Pacific Template.

Steps To Success
Process & Workflow.

This process was designed to give you the best user experience imaginable. From the moment you decide to move forward with E-MAN we will take you through these very simple steps that will guide you through your web design journey.

The foundation to having a good website is having a reliable hosting provider. Having competitive uptime, speed, and transparent pricing will separate your website performance from your competitors. Check out our most recommended hosting provider below.

Project Research

Do you have an inspiration site? Let’s look at some examples of other web design projects that inspires you.

Video Walk-Throughs

Page by page, detail by detail, we keep you happily engaged through the design process. Never be left in the dark again.

Review Sessions

As each page is designed we can have online meetings with you and your team to discuss the look of your site until your satisfied.


It’s time for the world to see your masterpiece! Share with family and friends. Begin to watch on as you take the world by storm.

Let’s Work Together

Your path to a greater future is just ahead and building your professional website with E-MAN is the one way express ticket that will get you there faster.


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