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Worldwide Social Media Services

Having a beautifully designed website for your business is only the first step in leaving your competition in the dust.  Match your business ambition to be great with high quality, engaging post on social media.

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Pricing Structure

Have your choice of either having e-Man manage, consult or paid social media ads for your business.

Of Social Media Platforms

Of Consultations

Let’s talk about your business


  • 30 – 45 minute conversation
  • Discovery of what your needs are
  • Social platforms you intend to work on
  • Previous campaigns you’ve worked on
  • Access to Facebook Business Manager

Management, consultation, paid social


  • Take control of your business
  • Grow ROAS and branding
  • Campaigns specifically for E-commerce
  • Social Messenger campaigns
  • Increase engagement and interaction with your social media post.
  • Keyword packed SEO articles on a monthly basis.

Answers to Your Questions

How many social media platforms do you work on?

Here at e-Man Worldwide we work on all social media platforms prioritizing Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, SEO articles & keyword research, YouTube, and Instagram.

Does the $1,000.00 cover all of my social media?

No. The baseline price of $1,000.00 covers only LinkedIn and Facebook. An additional cost of $250.00 for each platform afterwards.

Do you have contracts?

 Yes, here at e-Man we value contracts in order to clearly outline the responsibility of both parties. As a bonus, all of our contracts are only a minimum 3 month requirement.

How much do you usually charge for paid social?

Since our paid social program involves unique campaigns on Facebook and Instagram that will be tailored to either convert prospects, build an email list, or get website visitors, a custom quote is required for each business depending on what your needs are. Reach out to me for a free conference so we can provide you with a free estimate on your personalized ad campaign.

How do I prepare for the social media consultation?

In order to give you the best consultation experience possible, we would at most need 1-2 weeks to prepare for a full-stack (3 or more socials being used) social media audit or breakdown. We would need links to your socials and access to your Facebook business manager to assess any prior campaigns your business has done. Once these things have been provided, we would speak to you on an hourly basis with ideas on how to improve based on current performance and other socials in your industry.

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Build your brand, increase your revnue

Uitilize the the popularity of Google, Facebook, Youtube and any of your other favorite platforms to grow your brand and increase your business.

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