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E-MAN designs your very own personalized e-commerce store to fit your style, enhance user experience and increase your revenue.

 Build with Shopify or Woo-Commerce

There’s more than one way to skin a cat. But here at Eman worldwide I have recognized the world’s leading platforms in online store development. No matter what your needs are the website of your dreams is at your fingertips by the weigh of Shopify and WordPress. Whether you are beginning your journey of online entrepreneurship through a new website or you currently have a website that needs to be redeveloped, look no further because the tools and themes necessary to help your business goals manifest are here at Eman.


Currently powers 500,000 online stores across the entire world that are responsible for a whopping 40 billion in total revenue sales. This platform is best suited for small, medium-sized, and large businesses.


An extension created for WordPress sites that will convert your standard WordPress site to a fully functioning Ecommerce haven. Currently powers an estimated 5 million websites. It’s recommended for its ease of use.

Shopify + WordPress

Combine your Shopify lite subscription to a WordPress website. Have a fully customized WordPress site or blog and also upload your catalog and product inventory to Shopify to create a buy button feature on your WP website.

Accept payments form anywhere in the world

Accept payments directly to your bank from your new store!

Accept payments from all major banks and credit cards and have these payments processed through the method of your choice. Stripe, PayPal, bank transfer, etc.

Conveniently accept payments from all over the world

Grow your business like never before

Handle Disputes + Returns

Chargebacks and disputes are never fun for product-based businesses. Below is a quick guide that will walk you through how to survive and offer the best customer experience for chargebacks and disputes.

Return Policy

Have a clear and concise return policy that is easy to understand


Be Responsive

Elevate your customer service by responding in a timely fashion

Contact Info

Often times disputes emerge from a lack of understanding. By leaving your contact information you will be able to resolve issues before they can escalate.

Out Of Stock?

Update product listings to let online shoppers know when a product is no longer avalibale.

Keeping your head above water just isn’t good enough

I have my website, but what’s next?

E-commerce websites are the most vulnerable to hackers and malicious bugs due to the constant transfer of funds between buyer and seller. Protect yourself now by joining one of our maintenance plans.

Steps To Success
Process & Workflow.

This process was designed to give you the best user experience imaginable. From the moment you decide to move forward with E-MAN we will take you through these very simple steps that will guide you through your web design journey.

The foundation to having a good website is having a reliable hosting provider. Having competitive uptime, speed, and transparent pricing will separate your website performance from your competitors. Check out our most recommended hosting provider below.

Project Research

Do you have an inspiration site? Let’s look at some examples of other web design projects that inspires you.

Video Walk-Throughs

Page by page, detail by detail, we keep you happily engaged through the design process. Never be left in the dark again.

Review Sessions

As each page is designed we can have online meetings with you and your team to discuss the look of your site until your satisfied.


It’s time for the world to see your masterpiece! Share with family and friends. Begin to watch on as you take the world by storm.

Let’s Work Together

Your path to a greater future is just ahead and building your professional website with E-MAN is the one way express ticket that will get you there faster.


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