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51 Topics For Real Estate Blog Content

Nov 1, 2020Agent and Brokers

Have Content But Not No Time?

Making real estate blog content for your real estate website may prove to be difficult. Especially, if you, your team, or brokerage office is out there closing deals and working with prospects to prepare properties for showings and all the other tedious task professional realtors face. So you may be thinking about what solutions are there for you to still have content ready for your website while not sacrificing too much of your valuable time that could be used to grow your business. Here at e-Man Worldwide, we have partnered with the most reliable IDX solutions provider for your website iHomeFinder, to ensure your real estate website will remain rich and full of relevant content to your business.

A blog can dramatically improve the ranking of your site in search engines. Whether you’re new to blogging or short on inspiration, this list of 511 topics to blog about will help you produce post after post! Make sure you read until the end as the last topic is the most important.

real estate blog content

Real Estate Blog Content Ideas

  1. Take an interesting picture of something local to base your blog around. (Make sure to set as featured image)
  2. Senior housing information
  3. Pet-friendly housing (They say dogs are a man’s best friend. As of the summer of 2020, it is reported that an estimated 68% percent of households in the U.S own at least 1 pet. This means around 85 million families have furry or non-furry additions to their families that they cherish. If you know a certain property is pet-friendly make sure to let them know!)
    real estate blog content
  4. A closing – lessons learned that could be shared with others
  5. Important information about homeowners insurance
  6. An article or post directly from a homeowners’ insurance agent
  7. Gardening and landscaping ideas or issues
  8. City council information
  9. A new housing development
  10. Lofts or work-live space information
  11. Mortgage news
  12. Interest rate news or information
  13. Consumer hoaxes and scams
  14. First time home buyer programs
  15. Investment properties
  16. How to use your mobile website (Encourage Desktop visitors to take your blog with them on the go.)
  17. Transportation & Parking
  18. Fair housing issues
  19. Weekend getaways
  20. Homeowners associations
  21. Coffee shops/cafes
  22. Where to play golf locally
  23. Crime statistics in your area (Let’s be real everybody wants to live in a safe area. Depending on your niche and type of clients you like to work with stressing any positive detail about local police precincts, safety, and crime rates will help you close deals.)
  24. Home safety tips
  25. Environmental issues
  26. A client who was fun to work with
  27. Moving with pets
  28. Moving with children
  29. Over-priced homes
  30. Neighbor issues
  31. Day Care options in your area
  32. The final walkthrough
  33. Being an agent for Baby Boomers
  34. Buying a second home
  35. Accolades received by your town or schools (This is especially important for families in search of long term residency. Build good rapport with these communities and have a good center of business that will give you referrals for many years to come.)
  36. Things potential home buyers should know about financing
  37. Testimonials from clients (Social proof will be great to convince others to do business with you. Utilizing the tools offered here at e-Man Worldwide, testimonials and reviews will be an integral part of your marketing strategy.)
  38. Local parks (This is especially important for families in search of long term residency. Build good rapport with these communities and have a good center of business that will give you referrals for many years to come.)
  39. Seasonal activities in your area
  40. Tips on how to properly tour a property
  41. Common misconceptions about the home buying/selling process
  42. Green home buying/remodeling tips and resources
  43. Top reasons why listing with an agent is better than FSBO (This will be a great opportunity to exhaust your resources and knowledge of real estate that only professional realtors can know.)
  44. Go through your email: is there a question or comment from one of your clients that can be made into a post?
  45. Decorating resources such as furniture and design business (If a prospect knows local establishments can provide the home decor they need this can encourage many of them to stay. As opposed to having to drive miles or order online.)
  46. How to find the right agent (Be careful not to take clients away from your site. Use this as an opportunity to get clients on the phone.)
  47. Members of your team – introduce them and the value they bring to your team
  48. The value of staging & staging ideas – show before and after photos!
  49. Upcoming community events (Networking)
  50. Being an agent for seniors ( Working with agents within your age range makes you a specialist.)
  51. Glad you made it to the last and most important rule of things you should have in your blog post. Your listings!

Work With e-Man Today

Fulfilling the task on this list to ensure relevant real estate blog content is on your website is something many agents struggle with in today’s climate of social media and having a strong online presence. If for any reason you find yourself amongst them in that box, don’t feel embarrassed! After all, your a realtor and not a digital marketer. Read more about e-Man’s IDX solutions here:

Real Estate Solutions

e-Man Worldwide will design a blog page that will automatically create a post for each of your new listings, including a picture, listing information, and a link to view the property details on your website. Since it’s a blog post that you can edit, you can also add any supplemental information you may want to share. Let e-Man take that extra pressure off you by clicking the link below to schedule your free telephone conference with e-Man today and watch your real estate business grow.

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